Supporting Implementation of the Palestinian National Employment Strategy

The Palestinian Ministry of Labour, in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office, is partnering with the ILO, the Arab Labour Organization and the Government of Germany to hold a Partners’ Meeting that seeks to chart a path to job opportunities and gainful employment for Palestinian women and men, especially youth. Through the Palestinian National Employment Strategy (NES) 2021–25 and its combined set of policy measures, action programmes and investments, Palestinian governmental authorities aim to improve employment outcomes including through the creation of more and better jobs. The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the needs identified in the NES, to align existing and planned interventions and to identify funding gaps in order for partners to scale up support for the implementation of the NES.

This meeting will engage key stakeholders, development partners, UN agencies, international financial institutions, and Palestinian business organizations and trade unions to discuss and identify ways forward that are central to employment creation. Read more

Supporting Implementation of the Palestinian National Employment Strategy

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